How to  Use the Alizeti 300C System Head Unit
At first glance, the Alizeti 300C e-bike conversion kit may appear basic, but there is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to this e-bike conversion system, including the purposeful design and functionality of the 300C’s system head unit. Here is a brief overview of the 300C head unit controller'’s main features and how to access all your new e-bike conversion system’s functionality.

Re-energize and Revamp Your Commute | Alizeti E-bike Conversion

13 Reasons Why You Should be Considering an E-bike | Alizeti E-bike Conversion
The electric bike craze has definitely crossed the oceans and hit North America. Thanks to e-bikes, more Canadians and Americans are getting their bike on again and bicycle riding is back on the rise. Yes, they go faster and yes, you can ride further, but there are many more practical and uplifting benefits behind the "why" when it comes to opting for an e-bike. Here are 13 more reasons:

How Bluetooth can Make Your Bike Smarter
How Bluetooth can make your bike smarter and extend its life cycle

4 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time to Ride Your Bike | Alizeti E-Bike Conversion
September is a month when many of us strive to make positive changes in our lives to reorganize ourselves and optimize our time. Maybe we overindulged at the pool parties and summer BBQ’s (Hey! The summer is too short, so we must take advantage!)  or maybe we fell off the wagon after a trip when it came to exercise or working on personal goals, but the arrival of September brings renewed motivation to tweak daily routines.

Give Your Battery A Little TLC | Alizeti E-bike Conversion
The growing popularity and increasing demand for battery-powered devices and vehicles has consumers using and recharging batteries on a daily basis.  However, many people including e-bike owners don’t know if they are doing everything they can to optimize and extend the life of your e-bike battery. Here are a few simple steps you can follow to ensure a long trouble-free battery life for your electric bicycle or electric bike conversion kit.